ProBase Vinyl

Impacta ProBase Vinyl is the perfect choice for both dry back and glued down LVP/LVT flooring. Impacta ProBase Vinyl consists of PUR bonded rubber granules and cork elements. ProBase Vinyl is permanently  elastic and age resistant for decades. probase-vinylIt is thin at only 2mm but will add 20 decibel of acoustic improvement when used with 2-3mm vinyl plank flooring. ProBase Vinyl is compatible with all LVP/LVT flooring as well as perimeter glued or full spread LVP/LVT installations. Must be installed using T-440 top and bottom to prevent plasticizer migration.


• Offers long term performance without
collapse or bottoming out
• Suitable for both new construction & renovations
• Quick & easy installation
• Resistant to aging & deformation

t-440 adhesive