Soundproofing Floor Underlayments

Impacta Floor Underlayments

Impacta Floor Underlayments are superior sound rated acoustic underlayments constructed to reduce vibration or structure borne noise in the floor/ceiling assembly.

Impacta Underlayments are unlike other floor underlayments on the market today offering stability, durability, and certified sound performance. Impacta underlayments are very stable when walked upon. Many of today's underlayments are made from foams, felts or rubber and many times prone to failure being too thin and not having enough rigid stability to properly support the floor and tend to flex or bounce when walked upon.

Impacta Floor Underlayments offer better overall performance than any competitors underlayment on the market today.

cameraUnderlayment comparison video showing the difference between 3mm foam and Paladin.

Typical thin foam padding underlayment
Click 3mm Foam
Good quality Impacta underlayment, does not bounce or flex
Click 4mm Paladin